My mission is to empower women to achieve optimal health and wellness

through the power of cellular healing. I am dedicated to providing compassionate,

science-based guidance and support to help you overcome weight loss resistance,

improve your energy levels, and enhance your overall longevity.

By sharing effective tools and personalized strategies,

I strive to inspire a self-healing lifestyle that promotes

long-term health and well-being for women and their families.

- Christy Tanner


My journey into health coaching began with my personal struggle to heal candida overgrowth and gut issues and acquire the tools needed to raise a healthy family. After hearing that several of my friends and family members were struggling with the same issues, I knew I had to bundle up what exactly worked for me to help teach others how to heal and live optimally.

This calling led me to explore the intricate world of cellular health, uncovering the remarkable ways in which nurturing our cells can significantly enhance overall vitality. The deeper I delved, the more I realized the potential of cellular healing to transform lives.

Motivated by the compelling insights gained, I pursued specialized training in cellular healing and wellness. Throughout my studies, I didn’t just absorb the scientific aspects of health; I embraced the importance of compassion and empathy in addressing this sensitive and crucial area of life.

My personal health journey included losing the last 15 pounds of stubborn weight, undergoing a parasite cleanse, and committing to cellular detox to reach my health goals. Every individual I’ve helped, every success story, has propelled my commitment to this work. Each milestone reaffirms my dedication to not only helping individuals improve their health but also to enhancing their overall wellbeing.

Now, I am devoted to guiding people through a holistic approach that empowers them to take charge of their health. My mission is to offer the comprehensive support, knowledge, and understanding needed for everyone to navigate their unique health journey with confidence and ease.

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